Intermediate Certificate Attestation from Saudi Culture

After Matriculation, Intermediate is the certificate many people would pursue other than people who are looking for diplomas. In intermediate, you can choose a field you think you can excel in. the primary choices are Engineering, medical, computer sciences, commerce, and arts. You choose your professional life by choosing the field in the intermediate. The 12 years of education feels an achievement itself and it also lays the ground work for your university education for bachelors and masters and hopefully the doctorate. While applying for a job in Saudi Arabia, the employer or the government can ask you to get you documents especially the initial educational documents such as matriculation and intermediate documents to be attested by the Saudi Culture and finally from the Saudi Embassy.

Before the Saudi culture and the Saudi Embassy, you need to attest and validate your intermediate certificate from the local city board you did your intermediate from, and Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC). The process is long and tiresome. You can’t do that while you are in Saudi Arabia for visit and busy in applying for jobs. And even if you are here in Pakistan, you will go through long and a very tedious process. This process will take your time, money, and energy that you can utilize elsewhere.

OLY is here to you to get through this process with ease and only for nominal charges, which are less than if you go through the process yourself if you consider the time, petrol and other opportunity costs you are wasting for this trivial work. OLY is in the business for the past couple of years and OLY knows the attestation process inside out and we are very good at it.


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